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We’re a small startup with a BIG vision. We’ve brought together an incredible team of industry veterans from both the tech and hair to bring to market a better experience for customers, stylists and salons.   

David Lord

David Lord, CPA, CMA, 

David is an accountant by trade.  He has held several Controller and GM roles over the years, but in 2014 he struck out on his own in and hasn’t looked back since! Gotta Style is his biggest project to date.

His own hair has been through many, many, many styles over the years. It’s his own first-hand experience as a client in multiple salons with countless stylists that lead to the genesis of Gotta Style.

Brittany Vader

Brittany Vader

Brittany is a Hair Stylist by trade. She has worked in a number of boutique salons as both an apprentice and as a journeyman. She has a real passion for hair and fashion.

Brittany is the stylist that most recently worked with Dave as he grew his hair out. It was the result of many conversations had between Britt and Dave that the idea for Gotta Style was born.


Josue Carralero

Josue is a Software Engineer with with over 15 years of hands-on development experience. He has worked on several enterprise-grade software projects as well as cloud based web applications. He has been hard at work on Gotta Style putting in long hours on nights and weekends to bring the Gotta Style vision to life.

Hair? Not too much to tell about his hair history as you can see from the picture, but his toddler is for sure going to be an active Gotta Style customer!


Oscar Perez

Oscar is passionate about many things, and technology is one of them. He began his career in software development over 20 years ago and has been a software engineer his whole career.

Oscar is so passionate about Gotta Style that he has decided to grow his hair out like Dave’s!



Board of Advisors

Dawn Vader, CFP

Dawn Vader, CFP, Advisor

Dawn Vader is a Certified Financial Planner with a lengthy career in all things to do with people, money and their businesses.   She has agreed to assist the Gotta Style team in an advisory capacity.
Dawn goal is to see committed professionals in the hair industry get to the next level and enjoy the journey!
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