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Gotta Style for Customers

The easiest way to explore styles, book appointments, buy products and access your own service history right from your mobile device.

The Old Way

Our Way

Remember when you had to phone, text or email your stylist to book an appointment?

Now you can access you stylist’s schedule, view availability, and book an appointment that works with your schedule.

Remember when you had to tell your stylist what you wanted every time?

Now your stylist will have pictures and notes from your past styles to reference before you walk into the salon.

Remember that awesome colour from two years ago that you wish you could have again?

Not a problem when your stylist has a running history of products and processing time for every service.

Looking for a change?

Browse your stylist’s portfolio and find a style that works for you.


Take your history with you so your new stylist knows exactly what you need.

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