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  • Configure hours of availability so customers can book
    appointments during available time slots.
  • Configure recurring blackout times for prep, lunch, or holidays.
  • Configure services so that bookings are always made for an appropriate length of time.
  • Allows for double booking so you can squeeze in a men’s cut alongside a longer service like a cut & colour.
  • Delegates the act of scheduling to the customer who can book an appointment directly into your calendar without interrupting you.

Customer History

  • Keep track of customer information and style history through the app.
  • Take pictures of front, back and side profiles right in the app for a visual history of the customer.
  • Take notes on your customer so you know what they like in their coffee,  what clipper length they typically go with, and what their dog’s name is.
  • Take notes on individual services so you know what you’re doing or changing for next time. (i.e. Doing some layering next time, or leaving toner in an extra 5 minutes, etc.)


  • Provides a simple user interface through which to communicate back and forth with clients. No more turning over your personal phone number or email address.
  • Gives clients a pre-defined way to book, cancel and reschedule appointments directly with your calendar saving you time.
  • Lets customers book appointments with any special requests or comments giving the stylist a heads up so they can prepare.

Social Media

  • Capture pictures of your styles for easy sharing on social media platforms.
  • Turn your customers into social media champions by giving them an easy tool to publish their style to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  • Turn stylists into social media rockstars by giving them an easy tool to capture styles and notes for one-click publishing to social media channels.

Coming Soon

  • Client loyalty cards
  • Promo push notifications to clients for sales and special events.
  • QuickBooks integration for simple accounting and payroll.
  • Website integration to allow for synchronized online, in-store and in-app scheduling.
  • Facebook integration to allow booking through your Facebook page.
  • Direct to consumer product sales – No more stocking inventory!
  • Payment processing – Friction free payment and tipping experience for customers.

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