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Gotta Style for Salons

A mobile salon management tool that improves scheduling, tracks client history, and turbocharges your marketing efforts with a simple, easy to use social media publishing tool.

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The Old Way

Our Way

Remember when you got that walk-in client who came once and never came back?

Now your stylists can create connections with walk-in customers and convert them into a regulars.

Remember when you bought that expensive, desktop software that nobody used?

Now your salon management tool runs on a mobile device and everyone in the salon has it.

Remember when you had to pay a full-time receptionist to handle phone calls and walk-ins?

Now everyone in the salon can share these duties right from their cell phone.

Remember when you gave your clients crappy magazines for inspiration and they had styles that were dated and generic?

Now you can show them a current portfolio of modern styles, filtered to their specific hair type.

Remember when stylists moved on their customers had to start from scratch with someone new?

Now you can keep a record of client history, including pictures, so new stylists can get up to speed quickly.

Remember when you had to do all the marketing for your business?

Now you can turn your stylists into social media rockstars and drive sales for your business.

Remember when your customers used to come in every six weeks even though they really needed to come in every four?

Now you can set up recurring appointments and get customers coming back more frequently.

Customers are looking for a better experience. They want to engage with us using technology. Gotta Style gives us a tool that we use, our stylists use AND our customers use. It's perfect.


As our salon grew, we were running into scheduling issues using a paper calendar at the front desk. Gotta Style allowed us to move to a digital calendar where both our stylists and the front desk could manage customer appointments and walk-ins effectively.


We wanted to use social media to market our salon, but didn't know where start. Gotta Style gave our individual stylists the perfect tool to engage with their clients over social media and it has raised the salon's online profile in a big way.


Download the Free App Today!

Connect your clients and stylists together.

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