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Gotta Style for Stylists

A mobile connection to your past, present and future customers.  Gotta Style software helps you schedule appointments, track client history, build your portfolio through pictures and market your business right from your mobile device.

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The Old Way

Our Way

Remember when you had to have multiple back and forth texts, emails and phone calls with a client to schedule one appointment?

Now your clients can view your schedule in real-time and book appointments directly through their mobile device.

Remember when you kept client notes in a notebook or in cumbersome desktop software at the front desk?

Now your customer history is available at your fingertips right on your mobile device.

Remember when you were limited to a rigid, salon-wide list of services, some of which you actually offered and some you didn’t?

Now you can configure your own service list so your customers can book the right service, for the right amount of time, every time.

Remember when you gave your client a crappy magazine for inspiration and it had styles that were dated and generic?

Now you can show them a current portfolio of modern styles, filtered to their specific hair type.

Remember when you had to wait for clients to show up to know what you were doing with them?

Now you can look back through past services for clients before they come in and know ahead of time what to prepare.

Remember when you had to monitor your email, text messages, WhatsApp, Facebook, iChat to respond to clients?

Now you can monitor client communication through one central inbox.

Customers are looking for a better experience. They want to engage with us using technology. Gotta Style gives us a tool that we use, our stylists use AND our customers use. It's perfect.


As our salon grew, we were running into scheduling issues using a paper calendar at the front desk. Gotta Style allowed us to move to a digital calendar where both our stylists and the front desk could manage customer appointments and walk-ins effectively.


We wanted to use social media to market our salon, but didn't know where start. Gotta Style gave our individual stylists the perfect tool to engage with their clients over social media and it has raised the salon's online profile in a big way.


Download the Free App Today!

Connect with your stylist.

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